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What is SPN 21?
SPN 21 is the acronym for Sistem Pendidikan Negara Abad Ke-21, The National Education System for the 21st Century which has been approved by the Ministry of Education. This system makes provision for several major educational changes.

When it is implemented?

In stages:
•Interim (transitional) stage in 2008 for Year 7 [PSR 2007 cohort]
•At the primary level, it will be implemented in 2009 for Year 1 and Year 4
•Full implementation at primary level in 2011

Why the education system needs to be changed?

SPN 21 aims to:
•meet the social and economic challenges of the 21st Century
•realise the Ministry of Education’s vision and mission
•equip students with 21st Century skills
•fulfill the Strategic Themes as outlined in the Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan (2007-2011)

Rationale for change:
•Brunei Vision 2035
By 2035, Brunei Darussalam is recognised everywhere for: •The accomplishment of its well-educated and highly skilled people
•The quality of life
•The dynamic and sustainable economy
•8 policy directions in the Education Strategy, Brunei Vision 2035
•Fulfillment of the Ministry of Education’s mission ‘Provide Holistic Education To Achieve Fullest Potential For All’
•Comparison with Education Systems and Curricula of various countries
•Raising students’ achievement in the 3 core subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Science
•Increasing the percentage of students’ enrollment into higher education from 14% to 30% by 2011
•Strengthen proficiency in Bahasa Melayu
•Local researchers and consultants from overseas have identified certain aspects of the National Education System that need to be improved

What are the benefits of SPN 21?

•Greater emphasis on ‘character building’
•No retention from Year 1 to Year 10/11 (except for those with less than 85% attendance)
•Multiple pathways to higher education
•Multiple choices of educational programmes based on students’ interests, needs and abilities
•Opportunities to pursue 4-year or 5-year programmes before sitting for the Brunei- Cambridge General Certificate of Education ‘O’ Level examination
•Continuous and seamless curriculum from Years 7-10/11
•Acquisition of basic technical, vocational and business skills that is useful for self-employment and other career opportunities
•Opportunities for technical and vocational education in higher institutions
•Special Educational Needs Programme for students with special needs
•Specialised Education Programme for the gifted and talented
•Opportunities for acquisition of valuable and marketable skills
•Improvement in students’ achievement
•Improvement in national standards with benchmarking against international standards
•Improvement in teaching and learning standards

(Ref: MoE Website)