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2. Curriculum and Evaluation

How is the School Curriculum Organised?

a. Key Features:

•Based on Learning Areas and Learning Outcomes
•Specified 8 Learning Areas:

•Humanities and Social Sciences
•Arts and Culture
•Islamic Religious Knowledge & Malay Islamic Monarchy
•Health and Physical Education

•Various subject combinations from the 8 Learning Areas
•Common curriculum at primary level (Year 1 to Year 6) and secondary level (Year 7 to Year 8)
•Emphasis on essential skills:

•Communication Skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)
•Numeracy Skills
•Scientific and ICT Skills
•Problem-Solving Skills (thinking and creativity)
•Work and Study Skills
•Self-Management and Competitive Skills (entrepreneurship)
•Interpersonal Skills
•Physical Skills
•Aesthetic Skills
•Other 21st Century skills in Digital Age Literacy

•Integration of Core Values and Attitudes:

•Self-confidence and self-esteem
•Empathy and appreciativeness
•Self-reliance and independence
•Tolerance and mutual respect
•Caring, concern and sensitivity
•Proactive and vigilance

b. Stages in Schooling and Students’ Development

What is achieved at each level of Schooling?


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c. What type of assessment will be used if PMB is phased out?
•Penilaian Menengah Bawah (PMB) will be phased out in 2010 (Resit will take place in January 2010)
•Student Progress Assessment (SPA) will replace Penilaian Menengah Bawah
•SPA consists of 2 components: School-Based Assessment (SBA) and Student Progress Examination (SPE)

Components of Student Progress Assessment (SPA)


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When will SBA be implemented and for what purpose?

•SPA will be implemented continuously throughout Year 7 and Year 8
•SPE will be implemented at the end of Year 8
•SPA will be used to channel students into General Education Programme (4- or 5-year) or into Applied Education Programme (5-year programme)

Will Year 6 students still sit for Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (PSR)?

•Year 6 students will still sit for PSR
•PSR is used to channel students into the Science Schools
•Students who failed PSR will be allowed to resit


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(Ref: MoE Website)